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Cake Makeup and a Prayer



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Flesh Experiment

Veneers of painted flesh mingle on my canvases, blending the borders between figurative and landscape, portrait and abstract.  My deepest desire is to create provocative artwork that challenges the foundations of figure painting by continuing to blur the boundaries between digital and traditional work, pushing color, and recontextualizing traditional subject matter”.

Shaina Craft

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Oxblood Gradient w/ brass bling by @stephstonenails! #nails #nailart #gradientnails #oxblood #nailstylist #nailinghollywood @nailinghwood

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"Sexual Healing" by Oscar Delmar

"Desire is the ultimate sating of our emotions, the one that answers no false prejudice, no gender difference. A satisfied desire can justify any means to obtain it. Our desires are an allegory of our lives, of our freedom.

And in this context, sex and all its adornments can become in moments one of our most visceral acts, where our feelings may be at their most honest, where we may lose control and get carried away by the simple need to feel free, alive.

With minimalist influences, especially at the conceptual level, and adapting works closer to illustration, this exhibition delves into a recurring theme for Oscar Delmar, one that he has tried before from different points of view. The portraits have been decomposed into isolated elements to strengthen their expression, to highlight those parts which shape the face according to our desires.

In these works, visual and materials wise, the focus is reduced to only a single element, furnishing it with all the expressive power, showing the ability we have to convey our feelings with the simplest gesture.”

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On the panel at pride.. with my fellow judges, One In particular..Gilbert Baker ( the man who created the Gay Flag!) It was such an honor! Had such an amazing time! Thank you again @elizzietish @megan_fasullo @arik228

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Impromptu photo shoot yesterday

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The face is beat! #pride

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Image: Happy

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